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» We are an independent IT consulting business based in Orange County, California.

» We design and implement data-driven analytical solutions customized to the specific needs of our clients.

» We can help you leverage the value of your data by transforming it into useful information and making it readily accessible to decision-makers.

We provide unbiased expertise which helps decision-makers make intelligent business decisions.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you make intelligent business decisions.

Descriptive Analytics
Review of past events to prepare for the future » Data Warehousing » Text Analysis » Web Log Analysis » Descriptive Statistics » Statistical Inference » Multidimensional Reports » Classification » Cluster Analysis » more
Predictive Analytics 
Using data to determine probable future outcomes » Forecasting » Time Series Analysis » Regression » Artificial Neural Networks » Autoregressive Models » Decision  Risk Analysis » more
Prescriptive Analytics
Using data and models to recommend the best course of action for the future » Optimization of Business Decisions » Numerical Simulation » Tabu-Search Optimization » Mixed-Linear Integer Programming » Branch-and-Bound » more