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Our Approach

We will work with you to understand the specific needs of your business and tailor the solution to these needs. We will seek your feedback at every milestone of the project to ensure that the final solution meets all the requirements. If applicable, we will work with your IT staff to integrate the new solution with the existing information system. Our approach to building custom and customized analytical solutions consists of:

Preliminary analysis of the problem or opportunity (no charge).

We will work with you to understand your general business needs, make an initial determination of possible solutions, and discuss the opportunities, as well as challenges, which we envision.

Analysis of the solution requirements and available data sources.

In this phase, we will work with you to understand the specific needs of your business. Functional and non-functional requirements will be gathered, documented, analyzed, and prioritized. Internal and external sources of structured and unstructured data necessary to build the new solution will be identified and analyzed. A scaled-down Proof of Concept (POC) prototype may be built prior to implementing the final solution.

Solution design.

In this phase, we will create the solution. Depending on the problem, this phase might consist of choosing a new environment (hardware and software), customizing an existing software package, developing custom software applications or combine any of these steps. If applicable, alternative designs will be presented.

Implementation and maintenance of the solution.

Depending on the scope of the system, we may implement the solution ourselves, or work with your staff or the outsourcer to complete the implementation based on the final system specification. Typically, the post-implementation activities include training users and staff, tuning the solution, monitoring results, and monitoring the usage of the new system.