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About the Instructor

Dr. Pawel Kalczynski [pronounced: Pavel Cal-chin-ski] has over 15 years of research and business consulting experience in the field of business data analysis and system design. He has more than forty five peer-reviewed publications, received 15 research awards, and was involved in numerous consulting projects. 

Dr. Kalczynski is currently a Full Professor of Information Systems and Decision Sciences in the Steven G. Mihaylo College of Business and Economics at CSU - Fullerton.

Dr. Kalczynski specializes in leading edge advanced analytics and data transformation solutions. He analyzes, designs, and implements large-scale, complex software systems which combine data acquisition, management, analysis, and reporting. He is fluent in several programming languages, major database environments and analytical packages. His academic background in both business and computer science allows him to write code, compare models, and explain complex technical concepts in simple terms.

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