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Services » Training in Applied Business Statistics for Managers

Training in Business Analytics for Managers

We offer on-site training in business analytics tailored to the specific needs of the decision-makers in your organization.

We will work with you to choose statistical concepts which are relevant to your organization and use industry-specific or organization-specific examples. Depending on the statistical packages used in your organization, we will demonstrate how to apply these statistical concepts using one or more of the following software tools: SAS, JMP, SPSS, R, Excel, or Mathematica. Materials will be provided by the instructor. Training will be case-based with a focus on the application and the interpretation of statistical concepts rather than a focus upon theory.

Currently, we are offering the following sessions:

Business Analytics for Managers I

Business Analytics for Managers II 



About the Instructor

Photo by Slav Zatoka Images

Dr. Pawel Kalczynski [pronounced: Pavel Cal-chin-ski] has over 12 years of experience in research, teaching, and business consulting in the area of information systems and business analytics. »more

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