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Expertise » Web-Usage Log (Clickstream) Mining

Web-Usage Log (Clickstream) Mining

Transform raw visitor-tracking data into useful information for better recommendations, improved Web site usability, and turning more visitors into customers.

Clickstream data is a detailed time-stamped record of content requests made by Web site visitors. Web-usage log mining goes beyond simple summaries of click paths recorded by Web servers. Although the logs seem to be structured, they usually require additional processing (parsing and aggregation) to provide useful and actionable information. Many of these transformations are beyond the capabilities of relational database-management systems and require advanced analytical models.

We offer a multidimensional analysis of Web-usage logs which emphasizes the sequential nature of clickstream data.


Sample Business Questions for Web-Usage-Log-Mining Solutions

  • Which of our visitors are likely (or unlikely) to purchase in the current session?

  • What is the typical path that our visitors take before accomplishing one of the Web site goals?

  • What is our real conversion rate (human visitors turned into customers)? 


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