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Text Mining

Organize and analyze unstructured content to discover patterns, emerging trends, or receive alerts about important events.

Unlike people, machines do not understand natural language, and unstructured content must be structured prior to an analysis. Structuring usually involves identifying key terms (words and phrases) included in the content of business documents or extracting information from data available online (e.g. Web pages). Rather than simply counting the number of occurrences of each key term, the linguistic analysis is used to identify parts of speech, phrases, synonyms, and unwanted words and phrases (stop terms). Once the unstructured content is properly represented as structured data, it can be analyzed with data-mining techniques.


Sample Business Questions for Text Mining Solutions
  • What terms (keywords and phrases) frequently occur in e-mail messages exchanged by the employees of our organization?

  • What products or services are among those very frequently searched for by visitors to our Web site?

  • Have any problems, symptoms, or opportunities reported in the "comments" field of a feedback form been occurring with a suspicious frequency?  


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