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Data Mining

Discover hidden patterns and relationships in your data to better understand your business and identify new opportunities or problems.

Once the structured data is properly prepared and (preferably) stored in a data warehouse or data mart, various analytical techniques can be used to find hidden patterns or make predictions. Such techniques include but are not limited to traditional statistical tools (e.g. regression analysis, descriptive statistics, time-series analysis) or other techniques such as visual data mining, classification, clustering, neural networks, association rules, or decision trees. All these techniques require a scrupulous analysis of the business model and thorough understanding of the underlying statistical models.

We will work with you to select, design, and implement data-mining solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business.


Sample Business Questions for Data Mining Solutions:

  • Which of our customers are likely to leave (churn) or stay (be retained)?

  • How can we group our customers based on demographics, behavior, lifetime value, or household characteristics? 

  • How should we target our next mass-mailing to improve responses and increase the ROI?

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