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Numerical Simulations

Explore millions of possible scenarios to better assess the risk of and expected return from your decisions.

As decision models become more and more sophisticated, traditional analytical methods often fail to provide optimization, risk analysis, and comparison techniques. On the other hand, numerical simulation methods—such as the Monte Carlo Method—enable the representation of inputs, parameters, and outputs of complex decision models as random variables as well as an analysis of complex interactions among the values taken by these variables.

We design and implement custom numerical simulations for complex decision models in various business domains. Our solutions include the interpretation of model inputs, parameters, and outputs in terms of the objective of the analysis as well as comparisons of different models based on empirical analysis of real or simulated data.


Sample Business Questions for Solutions Based on Numerical Simulations: 

  • What are the chances that a decision will result in a positive (negative) ROI? What are the chances of achieving ROI greater than a specified value?

  • How will the risk profile of the decision model and expected return change if one or more model inputs change?

  • Which of the alternative models is expected to result in the highest return and an acceptable risk profile?


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